Buy This Oak Parquet Dance Floor. (Jatoba also available)

oak parquet dance floor

If you are looking for a quality Oak Parquet wooden dance floor, then look no further. Our long lasting wooden Oak Parquet dance floor is built to last. All of our dance floors come complete with edging. Buy an oak parquet traditional dance floor today.

Oak Parquet Dance Floor Price List - Prices are Plus VAT
9ft x 9ft Oak Parquet 2.74m x 2.74m £1321
12ft x 12ft Oak Parquet 3.65m x 3.65m £2048
15ft x 15ft Oak Parquet 4.57m x 4.57m £3021
18ft x 18ft Oak Parquet 5.49m x 5.49m £4096
21ft x 21ft Oak Parquet 6.40m x 6.40m £5162
24ft x 24ft Oak Parquet 7.31m x 7.31m £6855
27ft x 27ft Oak Parquet 8.23m x 8.23m £8973
30ft x 30ft Oak Parquet 9.14m x 9.14m £10236

Don't Forget To Order Your Trolleys

oak parquet dance floor

Dance floor trolleys are great for storing your dance floor as well as being perfect for transporting them.

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David Biggers "Our aim is to supply quality Oak Parquet wooden dance floors to the professionals of our industry.Value for money is our number one priority.”

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